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Specialty Materials

Embossed DecoFILM - BE-06 Blue

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5 & 10 yd rolls are shipped directly from Specialty Materials.  Please plan for a 2 day transit time.

Order ships in 1-3 business days (with the exception of manufacturer backorder)!!!

The most trusted name in the industry!

Embossed DecoFilm® offers a textured, chrome-like surface and is durable and easy to cut and weed. Adds a fun, unexpected metallic finish to your designs! Pressure-sensitive carrier allows easy re-positioning.

* Offers a textured, chrome-like finish.
* Durable and easy to cut and weed.
* Pressure-sensitive carrier allows easy re positioning.
* Add a fun and unexpected metallic finish to your designs.


Application Instructions

Blade – 45°
Cut – Mirror image
Temp – 310°-330° F
Pressure – Extra firm, even
Time – 10-15 seconds
Peel – Cold, cover with Teflon, repress for 5 seconds
Care – Wash inside out, cold water, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.
Layerable? – Top layer only
Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Wool, Linen Excluding Nylon

Acceptable Fabrics
Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Wool, Linen
*Excluding Nylon

**Will not stretch of layer. Be advised: If you do not use extra firm pressure, washability is greatly reduced and product may lose color.

*Actual size is approximately 19.5"

Embossed DecoFILM comes in 17 colors and Silver HOLO, why not try one today?

Tech Tips:
Damp a cloth with rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), then rub it into the area on the garment you want to apply your design. Allow it to dry and apply your material. This will allow for better adhesion to the garment.

Care Instructions