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GlitterFlex ULTRA - GFU RB 47C Rainbow White Clear*

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The most trusted name in the industry!

GlitterFlex® Ultra is a stunning glitter HTV that is in very high demand. It is one of our most popular products! With its easy-to-use sticky carrier and actual polyester glitter flakes, it’s easy to see why so many love and trust GlitterFlex® Ultra for their glitter heat transfer vinyl needs.

The easy-to-use sticky carrier makes weeding a snap! Its glitter flakes are encased in a high-quality heat sealing adhesive, which also allows it to be sublimated onto. This opens the door for endless design possibilities!

GlitterFlex Ultra is a stunning glitter product that is in high demand and very easy to use. With its sticky carrier sheet and actual polyester glitter flakes, this glitter will give you a wide variety of design possibilities. The glitter flakes are encased in a high-quality heat sealing adhesive. This allows for the material to be sublimated onto.

* Actual polyester glitter flakes, allowing this product to be sublimated onto, creating endless possiblities
* Creates stunning results with a wide variety of colors to choose from
* Can be used as embroidery glitter-just remove the clear carrier!
* Pressure-sensitive carrier allows easy weeding

Acceptable Fabrics
Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton/Poly-blends, fabric Blends, Wools, Linen
*Excluding Nylon

** Starred colors are slightly translucent and will take on the color of the garment, especially black or dark garments

Care Instructions