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Hanging with my Gnomies

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IMPORTANT: - This listing is for the sublimation transfer only! This listing does not include a shirt. -

We do not accept CANCELLATIONS OR REFUNDS for any sublimation print. All sales are final!

- Please be sure your order is correct before purchasing! Please double check your shipping address before completing your checkout! - The sublimation designs will not have the watermark. These watermarks are to protect our products and the file designers. - We use a commercial sublimation printer that prints with commercial sublimation inks on a commercial sublimation paper. You will not find a better quality transfer than these!


Infant-Toddler (4" width) Youth (6" width)

Adult Small-Large (9" width)

Adult Extra Large (11" width)

Adult 2XL (12" width)

ABOUT SUBLIMATION: - All designs must be pressed using a heat press or equivalent. - All designs should be pressed onto high polyester count shirt. The designs true colors will show on 100% polyester shirt only! Anything less than 100% and the design will start to become faded. We recommend using 60+% only for the best quality press. - Sublimation requires high heat and time to press. We recommend 385-400 degrees Fahrenheit and 50-60 seconds for press time or a low pressure setting. - Sublimation designs must be pressed onto light colored shirts. We recommend a white or light grey shirt for the best colors! The darker the shirt is, the less visible the design will be. This design will not show on black shirts. - White colors do not print with sublimation. Any white areas in the design will be blank, and will be the color of the t-shirt material.

- SUBLIMATION INK IS ACTIVATED BY HEAT, THE PRINTED COLORS WILL BE FADED AND LIGHTER UNTIL PRESSES. THIS IS NORMAL. - We are not responsible for transfers that are pressed incorrectly. Please make sure you are using the correct material, color, and press settings prior to pressing your transfer. - A backing sheet or blow out sheet is required to be placed between the shirt so that the ink does not bleed through the top layer and onto the bottom shirt layer. We recommend using brown butcher paper or teflon sheets between the shirt fabric.


385-400 Degrees Fahrenheit - 50-60 Seconds - Medium pressure - Place piece of brown kraft paper or teflon sheet between the garment on the inside. - Pre-press garment for 5-10 seconds to remove any moisture. - Place design on the t-shirt or garment - Press 50-60 seconds using medium pressure at 385-400 Degrees. - Peel warm PRODUCTION TIME: Our production time is 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS not including shipping time. Most orders ship next business day. TERMS OF USE: - Our transfers may be used unlimited for commercial. - You may sell any items made using our transfers. - You may not re-sell our transfers commercially. - If you have any questions, please message us prior to purchasing!

Care Instructions