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ROTD Crafter's Corner

Intermediate Silhouette Studio Class - 1/15 @ 2pm

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ROTD Crafter's Corner
280 N Phelps Ave.
Rockford, IL

Intermediate studio

Bring your computer, machine and self and join us on 1/15 @ 2pm for our intermediate class on studio, we will dive further into studio and learn more of what we can do within studio.  Some of the features covered within the intermediate class, may be a part of the paid portions of silhouette studio.  Our project here will be a multi layer sticker or shirt design. With touches in sublimation as well as print and cut.

Getting started. ( quick recap of beginner class setting up and designs.)

Navigating advanced panels

Replicate panel

Modify panel

Offset panel

Layers panel

Laying out layers in your design.

Color layout.

Cutting with multiple colors

Page setup.  Cutting with mats or without mats, that is the question.

Importing an image from the internet.

Trace feature.

Resizing images.

Adding text to files.

Silhouette store.

Manipulating the images on your page.

Rotating images.

Aligning images

Saving progress

Accessing saved data

Print setup.

Selecting materials

Selecting the proper blade settings.

Test cuts.

Adjusting blades.

Trouble shooting undesired results.  (did i cut to shallow or deep)

Making your first cut.

Care Instructions