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Print my DTF Screen Print Image

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Step 1. Send us your design.  Designs must be in Png format, and sized to print.  Any "blank space" around your image will be accounted for in the overall print size.    Please maximize your image on your artboard. We can edit your image for an additional fee, and resizing will only resize the entire artboard, not the image.

Step 2. We print and ship in a timely manner.

Step 3. With the help of our application instructions - you successfully apply your transfer.

These heat transfer images can be either pre-designed or created by our team of graphic designers for an additional fee. Please message us to confirm your design prior to purchasing, to ensure that this is the best option for you.

A heat press is required for all transfers. Application and care instructions are included within all packaging. Application instructions should be followed precisely in order to ensure a successful transfer. 

Press your image for 15 seconds at 310-320.


The artwork will be printed EXACTLY as you send it. Please be sure that you DOUBLE CHECK the colors and sizes.  The background must be TRANSPARENT.   If you need multiples, please try to utilize your space as best as possible or pay a per piece price.  

Please send us files in the form of .png.
Please send HIGH QUALITY files (300 dpi). This will ensure that you receive QUALITY transfers/products! If you send us a low quality file (under 300 dpi), this will produce LOW QUALITY transfers.

Please note: The file will be made as big as possible on the sheet you purchased; however, this will depend on the dimensions of your design. If your design is not able to fit full sheet (e.g., it's a square and is 8in x 8in) - we will make it as big as we can.  And if your design has a lot of white space, that is part of the image.  

 You MUST maximize your image on your artboard.   This means your image should take up the entire space, no blank space around the image  we do not manipulate images unless you select photo editing.  This charge is per image, not per order.  Otherwise, we only set the size of whatever is provided.  If you do not maximize your image, the blank space WILL be part of the print, and your print will be small.


Use the FREE Crop tool on our page to properly size your image.

Care Instructions