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Specialty Materials

ThermoFlex LIGHT - EZ-9513 Navy Blue

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    The most trusted name in the industry!

    ThermoFlex® Light is a thin product available in 12 sporty colors with a semi-gloss finish. ThermoFlex® Light is similar to our best selling ThermoFlex® Plus but is thinner and without a sticky carrier. The non-sticky carrier allows weeded designs to be easily stacked for future use. This product is great for doing pre-cut team lettering and numbers!

    * Available in 12 sporty colors with a semi-gloss finish
    * Great for doing pre-cut team letters and numbers
    * Durable and weeds large designs with ease
    * Manufactured without the pressure-sensitive carrier for easy stacking

    Acceptable Fabrics
    Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Spandex, Lycra, Wool, Linen
    *Excluding Nylon


    *Can not be layered beneath anything

    If you haven’t tried ThermoFlex® Light yet, what are you waiting for?


    Application Instructions

    Blade – 45°
    Cut – Mirror image
    Temp – 315°-320° F
    Pressure – Medium, even
    Time – 15 seconds
    Peel – Warm not hot
    Care – Wash warm water. Tumble dry normal.

    Care Instructions