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DecoFilm Paint FX - DFPX-5485 Pink

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**Due to high demand, this product does sell out quickly.   5yd rolls (and larger) may be drop shipped directly from manufacturer to save time!  Please keep this in mind when ordering.  You will be notified if ordered items are on a manufacturer backorder.


Use this pearlescent heat transfer vinyl to create dazzling effects. DecoFilm® Paint FX has a shine similar to a car paint shimmer!

These materials will add considerable value that direct screen printing cannot reproduce. Make your unique design stand out with DecoFilm® Paint FX!

* Pearlecent transfer films that resemble the shimmer of new car paint

* Easy to cut and weed

* Can be used on sport and leisure wear

* Pressure-Sensitive carrier enables easy weeding and repositioning


Acceptable Fabrics


Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Spandex, Lycra, Wool, Linen 
*Excluding Nylon 


Application Instructions

Blade – 45°
Cut – Mirror image
Temp – 310°-330° F
Pressure – Firm, even
Time – 17-20 seconds
Peel – Warm, cover with Teflon sheet and repress for 2 seconds
Care – Wash inside out, cold water, gentle. Tumble dry low heat. Dry-clean ok.

Care Instructions