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Fluorescent/Glow Vinyl - Pink
Tape Technologies

Fluorescent/Glow Vinyl - Pink

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Intermediate Cast Fluorescent Film:


BRIGHT, bright & even BRIGHTER! So bright they glow during the day AND night (when exposed to black light)!  Designed for producing graphics and signage requiring medium-term durability (up to two years). This product features a unique colorant system for superior visual appeal and exceptional opacity, providing dynamic graphics accents. 

Product Highlights:


Finish: Gloss.

Thickness: 2 mil.

Adhesive: Permanent.

2 year outdoor durability.

**Swatch colors are not an exact representation. Colors may vary depending on monitor settings.




- Permanent Adhesive.

- Gloss Finish.

- Outdoor Vinyl.

- Durable Vinyl.

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