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FREE* Shipping on orders over $149 (*excluding equipment)
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Specialty Materials HTV

The BEST Heat Transfer Vinyl in the business! 

Specialty Materials is the leading provider of plotter cut films and digitally printable media used for heat transfer textile decoration.

We’re proud to offer dependable and beautiful garment decoration products. We’re known for our popular heat transfer vinyl products like ThermoFlex® Plus, GlitterFlex® Ultra, and DecoFilm® Soft Metallics. We have the widest selection of heat transfer films on the market, offering over 40 different product lines. We provide a vast selection of colors and patterns to fit every type of apparel decoration need.

Regardless of what kind of garment you are looking to embellish, we have the most innovative materials and the widest selection in the market. With products likes these, you can’t help but stand out!




High quality materials! We pride ourselves on only selling the highest quality materials on the market. You can trust the products with our name on it are in a class all their own.


The largest color range on the market! ThermoFlex® Plus, GlitterFlex® Ultra, DecoFilm® Soft Metallics- our product ranges boast a wider color range than anyone else!


We’re constantly evolving! It’s a good idea to keep an eye on our social media pages because we’re always introducing new colors and product lines!


We love our customers! We know our success is dependent on your success. That’s why we take care of our customers like family. We’ll help you with whatever you need!