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Tuesday-Friday 9AM-8PM, Saturday-Sunday 10AM-5PM 280 N. Phelps Ave., Rockford, IL 61108 (815) 323-5092
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StyleTech Vinyl - Specialty Craft Vinyl

Tape Technologies, Inc. has been manufacturing Styletech Brand vinyl products for more than 30 years.


Opals - If you want an entire spectrum of colors on one sheet of vinyl, opal is exactly what you need. The colors change as you move them around. 

Available in 8 colors: White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Amber, Orange and Bright Green.

Transparent Glitter - The only film in the world that is colored glitter on both the inside AND outside. Great for glassware!

Available in 24 colors including Rosy, Magenta & Holographic.

Ultra Metallics - The original glitter vinyl for the craft market.  Lots of amazing colors that are perfect for indoor & outdoor application.

Available in 26 colors including Tiff Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Coral & Rosy Gold.

Ultra FX - Another glitter vinyl, but this one is more subtle.  Unique colors that have a hint of holographic flake to create a striking look.

Available in 13 colors, including Purple, Silver & Pacific Teal.

Craft Vinyl - Our most “basic” film but there’s nothing basic about it.  Similar to Oracal; however, it has a stronger adhesive and a little thinner vinyl allowing for more malleability.  There is still a nice glossy finish to give your projects that pop!

Available in 45 colors from clear to bubble gum to dark green.

Polished Metal - Bright, metallic-looking films that add a shine and pop to whatever project you are working on.

Available in 13 colors including Rosy, Teal & Sky Blue.

Luster - Based on the same film used in vehicle wraps, luster offers a satin finish that isn’t quite glossy but not quite matte.  This films offer a deep, rich look to your projects.

Available in 13 colors including champagne, magenta & teal.

Transparent - Transparent is exactly that—transparent with a little color.  Great for using on windows, glassware & just about anywhere else you want a unique look!

Available in 27 colors.

Textured - A unique line of craft films that offers…well, texture.  With these films, you can create the look of tapestry, brushstroke, linen or woodgrain. Perfect for when you want to create the look but can’t actually get the material.

Tapestry is available in Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Champagne & Silver Brushstroke is available in Royal Blue, Bright Green & Red Linen is available in Champagne, Sky Blue & Silver Woodgrain is available in Bronze, Silver & Champagne

Matte Removable - The perfect film for placing on a wall or mirror because it is REMOVABLE!  It will remove easily and cleanly for up to 2 years.  Comparable to Oracal 631.

Available in 33 colors including Coral, Tiff Blue & Mint.

Glass Etch - Designed for glass, this film is great for adding monograms or a unique effect.  

Available in five colors: white, red, blue, green & pearly white.

Fluorescent/Glow - BRIGHT, bright & even BRIGHTER! So bright they glow during the day AND night (when exposed to black light)!

Available in 6 colors including pink, yellow & orange.

Chalkboard - A removable chalkboard film that can be used just about anywhere & can be cut to any shape or size. 

With so many options, why not check them out today?